Thursday, December 15, 2011

ManGlaze Fuck Off & Dye

There's a little backstory on why I wanted this polish - I could have gotten it with the "safe" name, but I wanted it as it was originally intended.
Here's the thing. I read somewhere over the summer an article on a beauty blog that said that if you wear glitter and you're 40 - or older - you won't be taken seriously.
So, I had been stewing over it. Obviously. And it pissed me off, quite frankly.
I'm gonna keep on wearing glitter. And you know what, my mom is 57 and she's wearing it too. Actually, she quite loves my Fuck Off & Dye with Hot Mess on top, if you please.
So anyway, I already wanted this ManGlaze for the name, but then, as I mentioned, I was stewing over this ridiculous statement and I wanted to wear this. So I jumped on this and ordered it - thank you Marc for the super quick shipping! He had previously sent me Hot Mess for review (last year), so I decided what could be more perfect than to top it with glitter? Nothing!
Photos, ahoy:

Well, I just freaking love this to bits. As you can see, Fuck Off & Dye is a beautiful hot pink with an amazing microshimmer. I used two coats here, and could have gotten away with one. I then patted Hot Mess on top for a bit of a gradient - both of these are fully dry after a few minutes, and matte.
A word about application and longevity - ManGlaze mattes are some of the best mattes you will ever use. They last FOREVER. I mean, not a chip in sight. Hubby actually begrudgingly let me polish one nail and then went out to tear a car apart, and he could not get that stuff off. Hah! And, although it dries quickly, it's not too fussy to fix up when you're applying it. You don't have to work really fast, just use your regular pace.
Well, I'm done ranting and raving. I'll be showing off my official birthday manicure tomorrow!
PS, before I forget, two things: You can purchase ManGlaze here. You can also purchase through their FaceBook page. Also, if the name offends you, but you love the polish, you can buy it under the name of "Blue".
And I just HAD to share the description with you:
ManGlaze brings you our exclusive matte finish now in fucking pink! We decided to release it early because of all the nonsense in the news about nail polish turning little boys into little girls. The name of this color pretty much sums up our opinion on the matter. Use with a base coat or it'll dye your nails pink. 
Yeah, you guys remember that? I sure do. Ridiculous. Makes me love the name even more. Anyway, have a great night!

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were sent to me by the company in return for an honest review.

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  1. If you're not supposed to wear glitter over 40 I'm going to have to get rid of half my stash.


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