Thursday, December 1, 2011

Revlon Mistletoe

Happy December, everyone! Let the obnoxious blingy festive manicures begin. *rubs hands* I spied this out a while ago but I hadn't even thought about posting any holiday polishes yet, I thought I would wait until December before I really started bombarding you guys with this stuff.
So, I'm becoming addicted to Revlon polishes - most especially the Top Speed line, which is what Mistletoe is. This is in their holiday display, but this was the only one I felt like I had to have.
Mistletoe is a grungy pine green with various sized flakes. That's right, this is actually a flakie polish! However, Mistletoe is not a jelly, so they don't look suspended. These flakies show up surprisingly well in a creme base, though. And what's funny is that this is a combination of silvery and gold flakies! Pretty cool looking in the macro.
This had great coverage at two coats and I think it is so aptly named.

Look at how jam packed that color is with flakies! Love.

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  1. Nice!!! I've been eyeing this one and thought it was too dark for my complexion. It looks great on you!!


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