Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nina Ultra Pro Leaf Me Alone

You know, this is a brand that I always like, and I never get many of these. I mean, hello - Purple Xing? GREAT color, but crazy name. I love the name of this color - Leaf Me Alone - and it's a great polish. Going slightly off topic - I wonder if they still have that pretty pastel blue, what is it, Oh Tiff? I need that.
Anyway, Leaf Me Alone is...well, it's a jelly creme. It starts off very jelly but builds nicely to opacity at three layers, but it's still squishy looking and lighter at the tips of my nails. This has to be my favorite finish, or at least tied with jellies. The color is a light yellow green, very spring and leafy. Awesome! I bet this would look great with a black crackle, too. I probably won't be able to leave it alone.

I've got a yellow by Nina Ultra Pro that I bet would look great under a crackle too, Like Butta? I hadn't tried it, I'm wondering if it's the same finish. Have a fantastic night! It's my night off, so I have a ton to do.

Monday, February 21, 2011

China Glaze Crackle: Broken Hearted

Okay, getting started off right with this crackle obsession and one of my favorite polish brands: China Glaze Crackle. I picked up five of the six - I just couldn't get into the purple and I may find myself regretting it later, but we'll see. I found them at Sally's - they were still in the back!
With Broken Hearted, I hadn't decided what else I wanted to pair it with, but I knew a basic black would look great. Liquid Leather it was.

On the other hand I tried swirling it horizontally and diagonally. I'll have to try that on my swatching hand the next time I do a combo! It's a pretty funky effect.
As to application, very easy. You'll definitely want to wait to apply the crackle topcoat after your base color is dry - thinner coats give more of a crackle whereas thicker coats give less, as you can see from my pinkie finger. These dry pretty quickly and the wear is good with your favorite top coat. I should mention my HG (holy grail) top coat is CND Air Dry.
And that's it! What are your favorite color combos to wear with Broken Hearted, other than black?


I've nothing to show you this first post but I wanted to send out a warm welcome to Nightly Nails. I did a brief "About Me" page, but I'm terrible at those kinds of things, so it'll have to be fleshed out later. What will you see here? Late night manicures. Seriously, I work at night, so I do my nails at night. I'll probably be posting primarily at night. I don't do nail art - I suck at it. (and an aside: I love movie quotes, so when I wrote that I was thinking about Erin Brockovich.) But I love colors and textures, so I'll be experimenting a bit. I'll also probably throw in from time to time posts about indie soap companies - which is all I use - and makeup. I know I'll be including tips and basic supply reviews, such as removers, base coats, top coats, etcetera.
Anyway, thanks for joining me!
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