Thursday, June 30, 2011

Revlon Colada Fizz and Sinful Colors Paradise

Okay, so I'm almost embarrassed to post this mess. But I've already warned you that Colada Fizz is sheer, so here goes (deep breath!):

Yeah. That's FOUR COATS. My nails aren't really that stained, but for some reason the sheer blue makes it look worse than it is. You can kind of see the tint of blue. There is the same sized glass fleck/flakie in this jelly, only this time it's straight silver.
Needless to say, I can't wear this on its own, so I decided to give it a whirl over one of my newest Sinful Colors acquisitions, Paradise. Here's Paradise on its own:

And then with Colada Fizz layered over the top. Well, that's certainly a better alternative. But - still it stinks. It's really overwhelming, the smell. And I don't have a sensitive nose! Paradise is gorgeous, though.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Revlon Grapefruit Fizz

On Wednesdays we wear pink; do you?
Alright, so there's a new display of Revlon scented polishes making the drugstore appearance rounds. These appear to be all jellies with glass fleck! I picked up two, Colada Fizz and Grapefruit Fizz. I will show you what I can of Colada Fizz tomorrow, but in honor of Pink Wednesday, we'll start with Grapefruit Fizz!
First up, these definitely have a scent. Grapefruit Fizz is not a straight grapefruit scent, but more like candied grapefruit, and it's not as strong as Colada is.
These photos are with three coats. Definitely jelly and sheer. Have a look, and then we can discuss the finish!

Okay, this is a baby pink jelly with what appears to be LARGER THAN USUAL glass fleck. These are almost flakie like! Also the color shifts a bit - from silver to gold in this polish. Usually what you'll see is gold, but there's a definite shift, depending on what light you're in. I'm not sure what to call this - in between glass fleck size and normal flakie size? Oh, yeah I do. PRETTY. This is a gorgeous polish. Naturally this appeals to me - because one of my all time favorite polishes is the Ulta LE exclusive OPI Pink Me I'm Good. They're sisters, these two - except for the scent.
Honestly, I wish these weren't scented. But I'm loving this color so much. Have y'all seen them? Picked any up?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Giveaway Alert!

Kayla Shevonne is giving away TWO awesome Deborah Lippmann polishes for her one year blogiversary! You can enter by visiting her website HERE. What a fantastic giveaway!

Essie Ruby Slippers

Oh, you little beauty you. I have been lemming Essie Ruby Slippers ever since I first started blogging (ha, oh, these many years ago!). And then all of a sudden, I found out that Eighty Eight Beauty had them for FOUR DOLLARS plus shipping. I was all over that. I had to have a friend lend a hand, but I finally was able to slap this pretty girl on my nails. It was love at first sight. Did it live up to the hype? Hell yeah! Huge shout out and massive hugs to Sierra.
So. Here's the thing - red nail polish is not my favorite. But there are a few that just call to me. Ruby Slippers is a red jelly that is just a hint blackened - especially not in sunlight, like these photos - that gets absolutely lit up by the gold glitter jam packed into it.

Isn't she a stunner? Yeah. Even the bottle makes me drool. It's a little gritty without top coat, but one decent swipe of that cures it.  CAN'T STOP STARING!
PS I've got a little owie on my ring finger. I don't even know HOW the skin got ripped there, but it did.

Monday, June 27, 2011

L.A. Colors Nuclear Energy

Now, I usually can't find anything interesting at my Dollar Tree, but I did find a bunch of L.A. Colors jellies recently that I snatched up. Nuclear Energy has actually been on my wishlist ever since I saw Loodie's photos of it - reddish purple jelly? Oh yeah. And it's gorgeous! Even better, it photographed accurately. *falls over dead* THAT is a rarity among purples for sure.

Anyone have any of the L.A. Colors jellies?? I think I'm in love!


I hate writing these kinds of posts, but apparently it's necessary, so I'm going to head this off before it gets out of control.
Link dropping on Nightly Nails is not allowed. Advertising your blog in my comments is not allowed. Such comments WILL be deleted and if you persist, I will blacklist you in my Disqus and you will not be allowed to comment on my blog. So please, don't do it.
I have posted several times - probably a couple times a month - in which I ask for readers' blogs, when I'm updating my blog roll. If you really want me to have a look at your blog, either EMAIL me - I do have a contact page listed at the top of the blog, underneath the title image! - or find one of those posts and leave your link there. I'm on Twitter, you can always send me a tweet - try interacting with me.
Spamming is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
Thanks everyone!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

True Blood Season Four Premiere!

So I've read all the Sookie Stackhouse books, and I'm addicted to the HBO series - even though they veer greatly from the books. I missed all of season three, but I'm finally caught up in time for the premiere of season four tonight!
Naturally, I did a little True Blood mani - not the most original one ever, but that's okay. I have a bunch of Sinful Colors I haven't shown off here yet, so I did a base of Good Girl, a bright red jelly. Truly bloody looking. I then topped it with China Glaze Black Mesh crackle.
Now, I was stupid and accidentally left Black Mesh open one time, so mine is a little goopy and the brush is wonky because it dried up and bent the brush. I've had to thin it quite a bit. Still, I like how this came out - I did some diagonal crackling. It looks like blood oozing beneath the crackle.
Good Girl looks a little too orange here - it's really not. I'm not one for orange reds, they look terrible on my skin. The color is more true to life in the second photo.

And under the break, a video that's a little graphic  -

Friday, June 24, 2011

In Support Of: LGBT Pride Month

I'm not much for nail art - in fact, I pretty much fail at that in general. So I have some rainbow nails to show you today, really simple. We'll get to that in a minute.
First, I'd like to tell you all a story. I guess if you're not interested, you can skip this part, but I'd hope you'd read on with me.
Once upon a time, there was a small child. This child had a grandmother who worked in a big department store and she had a friend of hers that was a little different from everyone. This friend went away overseas for a while, and when she came back, she had a gender change. She went from male to female. The grandmother went home and told this child about her friend. The child was curious, and asked the grandmother if it were ever possible for a girl to become a boy. The child was seven years old. The grandmother then told this girl never to ask that question again - not because she was being mean, but because she was afraid for the child. And she didn't know how to deal with that question.
Fast forward to present time, and now this man has been persecuted and mocked his entire life because he was BORN IN THE WRONG BODY. Called names for something even as a child he didn't know how to control, he just knew he was wrong.
This man is the kindest, most giving and loving person I've ever met.
I find such treatment abusive and downright appalling.
Needless to say, I support civil rights for ALL United States citizens. I don't care who you are - you deserve the same rights as every citizen enjoys in this country. You deserve to be loved, no matter who you are, or how you were born. I hope that one day, I will see acceptance in this country.
Now, here are my rainbow nails. I wish I could have included a purple, but I just didn't have enough fingers - or talent to do stripes.  So I used red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.

My cuticles are a little dry. I've been lotioning the hell out of them, though.
As to my story and my beliefs - I know that not everyone will agree with me, but I do ask that you respect my opinion and my right to state it. I wish you peace.

Giveaway Alert!

So I wanted to give you guys a quick heads up about my sweet friend Erika's first blogiversary giveaway! If you're not already following Ice Queen's Nail Parlour, head on over there - she's awesome and funny and has great posts.
(And...hopefully I'll have some swatches to post up tomorrow night!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pink Wednesday: Revlon Pink Lingerie and NYX Dreamy Glitter

So, I'm posting this a little late, but as the ever lovely Diana pointed out - "Sailors and rare seabirds will still be celebrating Pink Wednesday." Isn't she awesome?
Anyway, I'm back online, and I have a cute mani to show off - and I'm not one for cute, but I LOVED this so freaking much. Pink Lingerie is a well applied creme from the Top Speed line. Okay, let's veer slightly off topic for the moment. In doing my "Focus On" series, I had a couple of Revlons featured and we discussed a bit the hit or miss formula that Revlon can have. I've noticed the Top Speed polishes seem to have a MUCH better application than the regular line - anyone else had this experience?
Anyway, Pink Lingerie. This was almost a jelly, it was pretty squishy - but it had such great coverage, I'd call it more of a creme or a jelly creme. I then topped it with one of the NYX glitters I picked up called Dreamy Glitter - this has THREE different types of glitter in a slightly pink tinted jelly base. There's fine square glitter, hexagonal glitter, and stars. *swoon* The slightly pink base made the stars almost meld with Pink Lingerie, like they were sunk into the base polish in some lights. Really neat.

The last photo for a good bottle shot of the glitters. So much fun!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little Update

Hey you guys!
First of all, *waving at new followers* Thanks for following! If you have a blog you'd like me to check out, please leave your link in the comments below on this post. I try to do a "blog roll update" once a month and ask folks to leave me their links in a post.
Secondly, I want to thank everyone for your comments on my "Focus On" Series! I'm really excited that you guys like that. I think I'll do it one week a month, so I'll put up a poll to vote for July's "Focus On". Like any lacquer head, I have a LOT of untrieds and this is a way to show you some of these, although I don't really have a set "schedule" of what I need to get posted for this blog, the way I did for MM.
And lastly, I'm a tad behind on comments - will try to get those caught up tonight - but I'll be offline until probably Wednesday night, maybe early Thursday. I don't have any swatches set up to post right now, but I'll get back to that - I do have a Pink Wednesday post though.
Thanks everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Focus On Yellow: Revlon Electric

For the last day of Focus On Yellow, I have Revlon's Electric - apparently it's a pretty close dupe to Chanel Mimosa, I've read! This has been out for a little while, but I picked it up in a recent sale on Revlons at Walgreens.
I find this aptly named! It's definitely an electric lemon yellow creme, with metallic yellow shimmer. This is AWESOME. I love it, and the application is divine. You can easily see the shimmer, but I've got a macro for you. This is two coats. I think this might be the brightest of all the yellows I've shown you.

So. Thoughts on yellow polish? Love it, hate it, terrified to try it? Obviously, I have a ton of yellows - I've always liked them. I figured I'd pick just a few of my yellows to showcase during the Focus On, but I'll definitely be showing more - I haven't gotten sick of them yet!
I'm thinking of putting up a poll to see if y'all will help me pick my next Focus On color.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Focus On Yellow: NYC Taxi Yellow Creme

Okay, day six of Focus on Yellow!
Today I've got NYC's Taxi Yellow Creme. This cheap little polish has been around since I started blogging, back when I had MM. I just kept passing it up. Then one day, not too long ago, it disappeared from the stores in my area. I decided I better hunt it down while I could! It showed up in a Dollar Tree not long after.
This is a pretty bright lemon yellow, with gold shimmer. LOVE the color. As you can see, it's really streaky and the formula is thin. I read that if you left the bottle open for a few hours, it might help thicken it up and make the application better - I'm willing to try that because I love the shade and the shimmer. Three coats didn't seem to want to even things out! This is a little paler than Maybelline Sunshine and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Focus On Yellow: L.A. Colors Shock

Only a couple of days left in my yellow focus! This is...amazing. This is a bright, goldenrod yellow - a bit deeper than Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine - and it's JELLY. Shock went on pretty smooth - three coats filled out any streaks I had initially, and gave me a pretty good opacity for a jelly. This is nice and shiny, and super squishy. I've worn this before with amazing results, not a chip anywhere after four days. I found this at a Dollar Tree, along with a couple other L.A. Colors jellies I wanted.

This is actually the closest to a taxicab yellow color I've found, by the way.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Focus On Yellow: Maybelline Sunshine

Maybelline Sunshine is part of the LE Express Finish line - this is one from the summer collection this year. It's a straight up yellow creme, a bit deeper than yesterday's Mellow Yellow. It was definitely more problematic, as you can see from the photo - streaks ahoy! This is three coats. I could probably part with this one, because it IS similar to Mellow Yellow, only a bit darker, and I'm not a fan of the formula.

The formulas on this collection of LE Maybellines have been very hit or miss. I'm sad about that because I loved the colors.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Focus On Yellow: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow

Day three of Focus On Yellow! I lovelovelove Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears. They come out with some really awesome shades. Mellow Yellow is anything but mellow; it's a bright lemon yellow creme. It has flawless application for a yellow: a bit streaky on the first coat, but evens out nicely at three. I probably could have done it with two if I were more careful. This is such a fun color!

On top of being a well rounded line, the Xtreme Wears have a very nice price point. I've never seen these for over $4 and I usually find them for $2.99 at Walgreens.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Focus On Yellow: Revlon Sunshine Sparkle

Sunshine Sparkle (it's just funny to me how so many yellows have the word sunshine in them, kind of like red glitters and "ruby pumps") is a very soft cream yellow - like a pale lemon shade. It has fine silver shimmer in it.
Today's color is a perfect choice to talk about the problems we encounter when loving yellow polishes. This is streaky as hell. I used three coats to try to even it out, but you can still see patchiness/balding on my nails. Sometimes yellows will just be streaky in the first coat, but even out after a second or third. Sometimes, like Sunshine Sparkle, they NEVER even out. I love this color despite that, and I'm going to keep it to see if I can get it to level again. Seriously, this is one of the most pretty pale yellow shades I've ever seen.

Why yes, that IS a bubble. Anyway, I also snagged a macro, hoping you could really get a good look at that fine silver shimmer.
Five more days of yellows, coming up!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Focus On Yellow: Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine

I've decided that this week's posts will be all yellow polishes. This gives me a chance to showcase some colors, and at the same time clear through some of my untrieds.
So, starting off with Finger Paints Psychedelic Sunshine, from the summer collection. This is the other polish I picked up from that collection, the first being Outta Sight Orange. I mentioned on twitter that this was really, really gloopy for me. I mean, super gloopy. So much so, that the first time I tried to apply it, it was like applying hair gel to my fingernails.
I added thinner. Probably, 15-20 drops of thinner. It's STILL goopy. Slightly less so, but the bottle is slam full, so I can't thin it any further. This is a jelly, so I don't want to dilute it any more with clear, because the opacity is already thin. A couple ladies mentioned that they had the same problem with this!
The good news is that the second time I applied it, it went on better. More manageable. You'll see that the polish on my pinkie is still pretty "gooped up" - it looks like bad acrylics. But on the rest of my nails, it self leveled. Weird.
Application issues aside, this is three coats of a goldenrod yellow jelly, with holographic glitter. It's not a top coat eater, because one coat of CND Air Dry had this smooth and shiny. It stayed that way, too! This is an AWESOME shade, so I'm going to see if I can just empty out a little of the bottle and add more thinner. I don't want to purge it, because the shade is seriously amazeballs.

Annnnd, a good macro! If you click on the first picture, you'll see the pretty sparklies - and that built-up pinkie.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish Blue Brilliance

Okay, we've had green two days running (it IS my favorite color!) so let's today. This is Maybelline Blue Brilliance, one of the LE Express finish colors from the summer (?) collections. I guess it could technically be from the spring they came out at the same time, haha!
Anyway, this went a lot better than the other color, Coralicious. The brush spread out, application wasn't chalky. It is a creme, but a little thinner. And what a pretty shade!

This was two coats. I've mentioned before, these do dry pretty quickly too - some of the "quick dry" polishes I've tried don't actually do that, so this is a bonus. This is without top coat, so it's nice and shiny! I think this could be cute as a pedi color.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Confetti My Favorite Martian and Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Antiqued Gold

That's a long title, huh?
Confetti My Favorite Martian should be pretty well known to folks by now, I know it was really popular among green lovers, everywhere when it came out. I was on a no buy....well, forever and when I finally came off of it, I didn't pick it up for the longest time. I don't EVEN know why. I love this so much! It's an olive green jelly base jam packed with emerald green shimmer. Three coats here. So freaking awesome. You can kind of see that olive base color peeking out at the base of my nails, so this is definitely a yellow tinged green!

And since I'm not sick of crackle yet, I tried out the Sally Hansen gold crackle - Antiqued Gold.

Oh yeah, that came out awesome. The green is kind of oozing underneath that gold, haha! I love it. So, as you can see, the fluke application trouble I had with their purple crackle was just that - a one time fluke. I'd used it before with no troubles! And this one came out great. I kind of want to snatch up the red crackle now, as I don't have one of those. Also, I must be a glutton for punishment, because I want some of the new China Glaze metallic crackles coming out - they look super pretty!
As you can see, I'm not sick of the crackle craze yet. I know many folks are.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New York Summer Amaranth and NYX Girls Enchanted Forest: Jelly Sammich!

Okay, so "back in the day", Mary of Body and Soul Beauty sent me this AWESOME vampy jelly, China Glaze Dripping Wet. When I got it, she had a little note in it that mentioned it looked fantastic over a glitter - so, the first incarnation of the jelly sandwich! I had started seeing another version a month or so ago on Tumblr (which is a total addiction!!) in which you did a layer of jelly, a layer of glitter, and then another layer of jelly. SO much fun! I've been playing with these for a while but this is the first one I managed to photograph without messing it up first.
So this is a single coat of New York Summer Amaranth ( AKA - the most amazing green jelly, ever! ) and then two coats of NYX Girls Enchanted Forest, and then one more coat of Amaranth. Plus, CND Air Dry.
Yum, squishy glittery goodness!

GAH (I'm using a lot of caps in this post) I love this so freaking much I can't wait to do it again. This was awesome! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nail Art: Neon Splatter

Okay, so a few days ago Jen at The PolishAholic posted a super cute neon splatter mani and tutorial. As soon as I snagged some straws I had to give this a try!
I used four polishes plus my base for this one. As a base, I used Revlon's Matte Suede shade, Powder Puff. It's a white with a hint of purple duochrome and it's super squishy! I should swatch this alone for the blog. The four shades I used for my splatters were China Glaze Sun Worshipper and Flip Flop Fantasy, and Sinful Colors Irish Green and Dream On. I think this could be cute for a spring/Easter type mani, as well as Jen's awesome blood spatter one.
One thing I want to say, do NOT use styrofoam plates for your polish drops. Eats right through, hahaha! I only had styrofoam on hand when I started, and I had to quit. What a mess. (You guys probably already realized this, but me - I can be a dingbat sometimes.) You'll see, too, that my poor Powder Puff has spatters of Dream On on the bottle! This got everywhere before I started to get the hang of it.

And a rare picture of my thumb - it's always kind of awkward to photograph with the rest of my nails. My thumb and ring finger were my two favorites in this one. I LOVE how squishy and neon and eighties this is. Where's my neon pink ripped off the shoulder shirt? My plastic bangles and earrings??

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Orly Bubbly Bombshell

Bubbly Bombshell is the other glitter in the Orly summer collection. It's similar to Here Comes Trouble in that it has multi-sized glitter of the same color in a very thin jelly base. This time, the base is fuchsia, as is the metallic glitter. This is AWESOME. I didn't get a good macro of this, but I think the photo came out color accurate, which I'm thrilled about. Anything remotely purple can be a pain in the arse to photograph, but I did okay here. You can kind of see the different glitter shapes in my macro, though!
I used three coats to achieve this level of opacity. And I thought this might be a top coat eater, but it really did well with only one coat of CND Air Dry. This does dry a little matte, so if you want it super shiny, or you don't like the texture of glitter, you'll definitely need top coat.

I think I might love this more than Here Comes Trouble! Both of the glitters were definitely a hit for me.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wet N Wild Diving For Pearls

This was another polish from Mermaid's Cove I almost didn't get. Actually, I was only attracted to one of these polishes, and so far I've loved all of the ones I've tried out! I'm slowly getting the hang of the brushes, this application went a bit better, as you can see. This to me is a true turquoise shade, leaning more blue in some settings, and more green in others. It has a lovely metallic shimmer running through it. I only needed two coats for opacity. Another polish you should click to enlarge to see the shimmer!

I think I've got two more of these to show you. I'm slowly making my way through the massive amount of polish I've purchased recently! Haha. There were just too many pretty polishes released.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finger Paints Outta Sight Orange

This is one of the two colors I picked up from the Finger Paints summer collection. The other one is Psychedelic Sunshine, a jelly yellow with holographic glitter. When I bought it, it was really thick - I can't apply it well enough to do a swatch. So I added thinner. Lots. It didn't work. Not sure what to do about it!
Anyway, THIS COLOR. This is a bright, juicy orange jelly, which actually gets pretty opaque with three coats. As an added bonus, it has this amazing gold shimmer throughout - which SHIFTS to pink shimmer! It's awesome. I absolutely love this and I'm slapping this on my toes this week.
Did I mention I've always loved orange polish? Yeahhhh.
PS, there's something...sticky on my bottle cap, I think it's leftover from that ginormous flower ring. Sorry about that, I should have cleaned it up.
PPS, you should definitey click to enlarge this one!

GAH. I love this SO FREAKING MUCH. Did anyone snag this and love it as much as I do? It's delicious!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maybelline Express Finish Coralicious

Okay, so I've got to say that my experience with Maybelline's Coralicious wasn't much better than Ice Queen's. My brush was better - it definitely fanned out. But the polish went on chalky. It didn't want to level itself out. It just...didn't apply well. So, I didn't fall in love with it. This is three coats, and I'm pretty sure you can see that it's still streaky.

Now, this is a pretty color. I just don't love it. It's not really what I'd consider a coral, how about you? I think it's just ... too orange. It doesn't reach out and grab me.
One thing I wanted to tell you guys is that these Maybelline Express finishes is that they DO dry really quickly. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac, Overcoat Vintage Violet

Okay, this was a bit of a fail. I really haven't had any problems with my crackles - and yeah, I'm probably one of the few people still excited to play with them. This time though, I totally failed - my Lacey Lilac application was a bit of a fail, and I thought oh, well this will look good with the Purple Potion crackle version, Vintage Violet. You guys know that Sally Hansen's purple Crackle Overcoat, Vintage Violet, is the same exact color as Xtreme Wear Purple Potion right? It's AWESOME. Seriously, I do love it. I've used it a couple of times, but I hadn't snapped a picture. Of course, the time I DO decide to snap a picture, it's a fail. Hah, go figure! Vintage Violet is a deeper purple shade with a blue flash. Anyway, I decided to show this to you anyway - if I had done it right, this would be a pretty combo.

So, Lacey Lilac is a really pretty pale purple - just a hint dusty. I only needed two coats for opacity, it's well pigmented. As you can see, I somehow nicked my index finger. I had wanted to try Vintage Violet over it anyway, I thought it would be a good match - I don't think that my base mani was dry enough, for one. Secondly, the brush on the Overcoat is wicked thin - I had to do about five swipes, so I probably got it on too thick! I like my index finger best, that's what Vintage Violet looked like on my first couple of manis.
Anyway, I'm chalking all that down to user error - because I hadn't had problems with it before. I have a mani coming up with SH Antiqued Gold that went perfectly, so that's something to look forward to. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Revlon Just Tinted

Okay, so I saw a post on Nails Beautiqued about the pretty Revlon jellies, the Just Tinted polish, I had to go and snatch them all up. I'd seen the display - but I didn't know exactly what they were. I'd meant to pick up one and give it a try, but I hadn't yet - after that post, I bought them all! These are sheer jellies, folks. To get these opaque with no VNL - I don't even know what that would take. I used three coats for all of my swatches, and I have VNL in all four of these. Also - these dry semi matte! I've used top coat on all of these, because I like my jellies to be shiny. Obviously. They're SO SQUISHY and JUICY though. Oh gosh, I love these.
Okay, so the first one is Dawn - orangey-peach.

This next is Desire. Bright fun pink.

Mystical - darker, berry/wine.

Victorian - softer pink than Desire, leans slightly coral.

I *love* these. I have been making jelly sandwiches with them. Dear Revon: we need these in many, many shades. Please, thank you! I have only two complaints: Why did they make them semi-matte? And, secondly - they're a little streaky. Especially Mystical. Nothing I can't handle, though.
So, have you guys spied these out? Did you pick any up yet??
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