Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Duri Cosmetics Dragontini, Fallen Angel

Tonight I have the other two polishes I was sent from Duri Cosmetics' The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo collection, Dragontini and Fallen Angel. Apparently there were two more polishes from this collection, Icicle and Frozen Fire, that are good layering polishes, but since I don't have those, I decided to use a couple more polishes I picked up recently to layer with these.
Dragontini is a very red purple creme, and as with the other polishes in this collection, had great opacity and needed only two coats. I love reddish purples so this one is a win for me - I don't have one quite this shade in my collection, so I'm glad to have this as an addition. Just a bonus that the opacity is perfect, too.
I layered one of the new Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes over this, Diamonds. This is so, so pretty! In the bottle it looks silvery white and ethereal. Layered over Dragontini, it glows a blue-silver in most light, but I see sparks of other colors as well that I just didn't capture on camera. There are larger specks of shimmer in this that resemble glass fleck.

So, Diamonds is such a pretty layering polish! I really like the multi-sized shimmer/flecks.
The second polish I have to show you tonight is Fallen Angel. This is a vampy wine purple with a hidden shimmer. It looks pretty dark in lower lights, but you can really see the base wine in the sun. Again, two coats. The shimmer in this really sparks up in the sunlight, you catch bits of it in lower light. I have photos of both and the macro is in lower light.
I picked up a second Sally Hansen Diamond Strength called Glass Slipper, and I simply adore this one - again, white and ethereal in the bottle but these are larger, silvery flakies on the nail. This is SO freaking cool!

I would especially encourage you to click to enlarge the Fallen Angel photos, particularly the sun one where you can see the shimmer really spark in the larger images.
So, I'm really impressed with these! I like all four polishes I received for review. What did you guys think??

Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in this post were sent to me in return for an honest review.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Duri Cosmetics Black Diamond, Angels And Demons

Hello, everyone! I know I'm behind on replying to comments, hopefully will get caught up with that tomorrow.
Tonight I have a review of two of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo nail polishes from Duri Cosmetics.
Black Diamond is described as a black with shimmer. The shimmer is so fine, it's absolutely not noticeable on the nail unless you're in bright sunlight, but it adds a beautiful depth to the polish. This is one of the smoothest applying blacks I've dealt with - maybe because of the subtle shimmer? I'm not sure, but some black polishes that are straight cremes can be difficult and gloopy. This was easy to control. I really like the Duri bottle shape as well - it's neat that the brand name is engraved right into the glass bottles, and I've always like square bottles. The brushes, if you've never used one of these, remind me of an Essie brush, only the handle is longer - bonus! I actually tried out all four polishes from this collection and I noticed that the formula is nice across the board - all of these were two coat nail polishes.
So I do have a picture out in the sunlight of Black Diamond, and shade pictures so that you can hopefully see the pretty depth this has in low lights. I recently picked up some layering polishes, so I tried out Essie's As Gold As It Gets over Black Diamond - perfection! This is a gorgeous gold flakie, perfect for the holidays. I've been wanting a nice gold flakie, too. The flakies are smaller than say, Hidden Treasure, but you get great distribution with one coat.

So, the second polish I have to show you tonight from this collection is Angels and Demons. This is described as a dark grey with silver glitter. I adore this shade, but go figure - I always like these. This applied exceptionally well! It even settled on its own when I thought I would have strokes, because of a sloppy application. Again, two coats.

This is just gorgeous. I really liked both of these! I have two more to show you tomorrow night, and I did some more layering with those as well.

Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in this post were sent to me in return for an honest review.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Color Club New Bohemian

New Bohemian is another shade from the Back To Boho collection from Color Club's fall release. Actually, I think this might be my favorite collection of all the fall collections - I want all but two of these! I've always felt that Color Club is underrated. They make wonderful shades, and though there are a bunch of neutrals in this - they make some really nice neutrals.
So, New Bohemian. This has been compared to China Glaze For Audrey, but that is quite a bit more blue - this is much more strongly green than For Audrey. They're both awesome aqua shades, though. I think this might be a tad more dusty than my photos show, but this is surprisingly color accurate. I thought I would have a hard time capturing this, and although it looks different depending on what lighting I was in, I did manage to find some that were almost perfect!
Let's talk about formula - Color Club usually has some great formulas on their polishes, and this is no exception. I used two coats for complete opacity, and it has a high shine. I like their brushes and of course, the square bottle is perfect.

I just love shades like this - I'll probably always find these irresistible.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Orly Rage

Orly Rage came out with the Foil FX collection. These were supposed to be Minx-like polishes, but they're pretty obviously foils, so when you look at them, although they're awesomely sparkly and shiny and reflective, they're pretty obviously particles and not sheet-like at all, like a Minx would be.
Ignoring that, these polishes are indeed awesome and shiny. Rage is the rose gold of the collection, and I hope I captured the true color of this in my photos - Luxe, the true gold, is very obviously cooler and a lot more yellow, so maybe you can see how different that is from these photos of Rage.
You have to be a bit finicky with application, not as much as you would if these were chrome polishes, but still - you want your nail beds pretty smooth. I have no idea what happened, but there's a little bump of something, probably cotton, on my middle nail. *lol* So, case in point. These dry quickly and I had no brush stroke problems. What's cool about Rage is that there is silver flecks mixed in with the rose gold flecks, as you can see in my macro.

I would say that Rage, of all of these, was the most popular and well sought polish. Rose gold foils are pretty unusual, no?  I recently found this at Sally's in a display near the registers, when they put out all of their holiday polish displays.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybelline Cool Couture

Wow. I had so much going on that this has sat in my untrieds for what, almost two months? What a shame - this is a seriously gorgeous shade!
After the disaster with formulas and brushes with the spring/summer releases from Maybelline, I seriously considered not buying any more of the Express Line polishes. They come out with some really awesome colors, but I was severely disappointed with the formula. I caved though, when I saw the fall release. I needed two of the shades, so I went on the hunt. I finally found them in a Rite Aid, and then they went into my untrieds bin while I waded through October's Halloween shades and now, here we are!
Cool Couture is a deep grey, tinged with blue. It's shot through with turquoise shimmer that really lights up in the sun - it actually looks like it sparks both turquoise and emerald in my sun shots. The shimmer is subdued in low light, but I can still see it. I tried to get a good bottle shot, but I think the sun shot and the macro tell the tale the best with this polish.
I am happy to report that the formula on this was seriously perfect. I used two thin coats, and the brush was fine.
Loads of photos, in my attempt to show this off from all possible angles!

So, you know I'm going to repeat myself and say you can click to enlarge these. I also have the purple to show off, hopefully in the next week.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Nail Art: Deconstructed

This look is actually inspired by a tutorial from Sokolum's blog, which is Emma Watson inspired nails. I loved this look so much I knew I wanted to try it. I am just calling this simply deconstructed - because the way I accomplished it was to just kind of smear my base color and wipe it off. I did this pretty messily, because I liked the extra bits of base color left behind. It vaguely reminds me of tie die.
A couple of tips if you try this: First, work quickly. Sokolum mentions this in the video, and it's very key. You are rubbing off the middle of your base color, so you don't want to wait too long. As a matter of fact, the best thing to do is to do this one nail at a time. She also mentions in the video that if you use a cotton pad, you could leave behind fibers. I totally agree with this, I just folded up some paper towels on my work are and used that to get rid of the paint smears on my fingers. You definitely want to pick out coordinating colors, with a strong color as your base color. I tried this with a jelly creme for the top color, and it just doesn't work - you will need a good straight up jelly.
I used Sinful Colors Amethyst for my base color, and for the jelly top color I used Revlon Just Tinted Victorian.

If you have any questions about this just drop them in the comment box - it's really a simple and fun look, even for someone who is ignorant about nail art like me! Haha, seriously. Sokolum's video was perfect, so be sure to have a look at that as well. I want to try this with other color combinations.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Essence Irreplaceable

First of all - HAPPY TURKEY DAY, my American followers! I'm going to be cooking like a fiend and watching the Macy's Day Parade, as per tradition, so I'm scheduling this post ahead of time. Go me!
So, Essence Irreplaceable is OHMYGODSTUNNING. Haha. No seriously, it's from the Colour & Go line that you can find at ULTA for $1.00. If you like your nudes with a kick, this is for you. You won't want to miss out on it! It's a very light, beige nude with a hint of purple in the base, absolutely jam packed gold flakie shimmer. I can't get over how pretty this is!
It's a bit thin, so you'll probably want to go with three coats for opacity. I took a ridiculous amount of shots of this and I hope you'll like the macro I got, but you can click on any of these to enlarge them and check this beauty out.

Gah. I love this so much. So, what are you all doing to celebrate Thanksgiving (if you're celebrating)?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CQ Corduroy

Here is the other CQ I mentioned I picked up recently, CQ Corduroy. It's in the same color family as Slate, a teal green that is mostly green, but much lighter and very dusty. It's not as light as Finger Paints Vintage Velvet, and it's a bit more dusty. It's a squishy jelly creme with great coverage, two coats here.

I have been consistently impressed with this brand - I'm not a big fan of the bottle shape but the shades I have are all really cool!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ulta Envy

Ulta Envy is a gorgeous emerald green shimmer. Seriously, it's bright and eye catching. But what puzzles me is how different it looks from the bottle - the bottle looks like a peacock green with a possible purple duochrome. The duochrome doesn't transfer to the nail at all, which I have had happen before, but this is not peacock green, it's most definitely emerald on your nails.
Pigmentation was good, I used three coats here for full opacity, and I am getting used to the stumpy brush. I really do wish they were a bit longer.

I tried to capture what this looked like in the bottle - if you enlarge it, you can see the hint of duochrome at the base of the bottle. No matter, it's such a gorgeous shade and I think it would make a great polish over the holidays also.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Color Club Red-ical Gypsy

You know what? I didn't have a single berry red in my collection until I got Color Club Red-ical Gypsy. I actually love berry shades - I don't really like reds, because I don't think they look very flattering on me, generally speaking, but berries seem to go well against my skin tone.
This is a nice one - it's a jelly creme, with great opacity. I used two coats, but it maintains the high gloss and squishy feel of a jelly. It's not unique, I'm sure - but Color Club does great with these kinds of staple shades, and this is no exception. The application was so nice, also.

Just such a pretty shade. This is of course from the fall Back to Boho collection.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

CQ Slate

I recently picked up a few more CQ polishes that I'd been eyeing, and I am not disappointed! I've found these at Rite Aid, but I've been told some people have seen them at CVS, so it's worth a check. They're cheap, if I remember they're only $2.99. Slate is a deep teal green - it is mostly green, but definitely has a blue cast. It reminds me of a chalkboard, so the name makes sense. It's a jelly creme. Can I just tell you how much I love and adore this? I don't have anything like it in my collection. I wore this without swatching it last week, for about four days. I had no chips or tipwear - it lasted extraordinarily well! I think it would make a great layering base, but I haven't experimented with that yet.
Pigmentation was nice too, this is two coats. It's squishy and glossy on its own - but you might want to double up on your base coat, I neglected that and ended up with hulk fingers the first time around.

Mmmm. Isn't that great? I have Corduroy to show you this week too, which is in the same color family but lighter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Retro Polka Dots

One of my very best friends, Tuli, recently sent me a care package. Seriously, I now have my holy grail hand lotion - I'm so sad, because it's Israeli! She sent me all kinds of goodies, amazing food, and some really pretty polish. Two of the bottles are a brand called Apple, Tuli tells me that they had a great line of nail care products and now they are making polish. The two she sent me were Jungle Green and Blue Sky. I was looking at them side by side and I thought how cute they would be paired together in a polka dot scheme - and I was right. This has a retro color feel to me, and I loved it. I used Blue Sky on all my nails but the ring finger, with coordinating Jungle Green dots. On the ring I reversed it. I want to mention that these polishes have a really nice brush! It's probably the perfect size, not as wide as the Pro Wide by OPI, just a little smaller. Blue Sky turned out to be a perfect jelly creme, and Jungle Green was straight creme. I used three coats for Blue Sky and two coats for Jungle Green.
Ugh. I don't even know why my fingers are such a weird tone in these photos - I know I'm yellow toned, but this was just strange. Oh well, the polish colors are accurate! You'll probably note that I didn't wait long enough for my polka dots to dry before I applied top coat, there's a bit of drag.

Aren't these cute together? I loved it. I'm not the world's best at polka dots, but I keep trying them, because they're so much fun.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Rimmel Lava Red

This polish comes to me via the always amazing Rie of Nails and Noms. (Seriously, if you aren't following her, WHY?) Apparently Rimmel has decided to discontinue several polishes from their newest line of polishes, the Lasting Finish Pro line - for instance, I think Marine Blue was one that got the ax? Anyway, I nabbed a bunch of the ones I saw on clearance, but I'd never had Lava Red, and I couldn't find it in my area, so Rie picked up a bottle for me. We share a love of blackened, glowy reds.
Seriously, I'm not overly fond of red. I like it better than pink, but I have never been able to resist a good glowy vampy red. Lava Red certainly fits that bill, have a look at the photos. I'm swooning over it! SO sexy.
I wish they hadn't switched brushes when they made the new line, they remind me a bit of the SH Insta-Dri ones I despise, but they're a little easier to use. They are stumpy and oddly shaped, but I find them a bit easier to control. The pigmentation on this was great though - only two coats here.
I took this out in sunlight so you could see it in all its glory. However, please note the last shot, which is a bottle shot - you can see the blackened edges, and the glowy middle. It looks like this most of the time. In very low light it can look pretty darned dark.

Thank you Rie, for sharing the love! I do adore this, it's so perfect.
Edited to add: Thanks to reader Kim, she has said that Confetti Masquerade Ball is a dead on dupe! So if you can't find this, look for the Confetti.

Press Release: Duri Cosmetics The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Edgy, Dark and Beautifully Disturbing… Duri Nail Polishes inspired by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!
$5 Each
Get your Lisbeth Salander on!  Those who read the blockbuster crime trilogy know that the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo also played with Fire and kicked the Hornet's Nest – so it's no wonder beauty addicts everywhere will be getting their grunge on and adding a little bit of Lisbeth's disturbed style to their beauty routine this winter.
With hair color blazing red to pitch black, multiple tattoos and body piercings, the introverted computer hacker always had her hands on the action.  Act out her distinctive look by taking nails over the edge with a coat or two of darkly intriguing, misunderstood blockbuster beauty style. After all, a little mani/pedi is a lot less painful, a little less permanent and the perfect "10" Character Assassination!
Duri Cosmetics' deep hues inspired by Lisbeth's troubled nature puts nails in character with fiery hot shades and shivering cool Nordic winter whites to capture the complete picture.  
  • Fallen Angel (Dark plum with a hint of red shimmer)
  • Black Diamond (Black with shimmer)
  • Dragontini (Dark purple)
  • Angels and Demons (Dark grey with silver glitter)
  • Icicle (Creamy white with crystal shimmer)
  • Frozen Fire  (Sheer pink with sparkling crushed ice)
Beauty Tip: Layer Icicle or Frozen Fire over the deep, dark hues listed above for even more Lisbeth Salander looks!

All Duri nail products are completely safe (unlike Lisbeth), environmentally-friendly and free from DBP, TOLUENE and FORMALDEHYDE.
Duri Cosmetics can be purchased online at and specialty stores nationwide.

What do you guys think, intrigued by any of these? I'm big into layering, so I'm really curious about Icicle and Frozen Fire!

*All images and information in this press release provided by the company.*

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Bronze Ablaze

This is a polish that was released in a set of metallics for fall, and I picked it up in a clearance bin at a Rite Aid. Confession: I hated this on me. It looks a lot better in photos than I thought it looked on me in person.
I usually adore metallic shades, and I thought I would like this, but I just didn't. It doesn't help that I've always had application issues with the Insta-Dri brush, either. It's just an awkwardly shaped mop, for me.
To be fair, I usually love Sally Hansen polishes and bottles/brushes. It's just the Insta-Dri line I don't care for.
Anyway, this is two coats of Bronze Ablaze. I'm amazed at how much better it looks in photos - it really falls flat in person.
Anyway, here are the photos.

Well, I apologize for the less-than-enthusiastic attitude with this post - but I'm just not enamored.  Total pass for me.
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