Monday, January 16, 2012

Duri Red Carpet Collection

Okay, I have finally finished up editing photos of the nine polishes in Duri's Red Carpet Collection - this is going to be a bit long! I'll just go ahead and jump right in with photos and details.
As I suspected, Addicted To Fame, the orange I saw in the press release is hot! It's a bright orange loaded with gold shimmer and would look great in the summer as a pedi. I used two coats here for opacity.

Behind The Scenes is a deep vampy reddish toned purple. It looks a bit dark here in the low light photo, but trust me, you can still tell it's purple. Perfect opacity, I could almost have done one coat here.

Celebrity Scandal is a silver foil. It's very fine, though - it could almost be considered a chrome, since it's not very textured! Gorgeous. We have proof here that you need to baby these bad boys when you're applying, because I must have had SOMETHING on my middle finger that didn't agree with the polish! It shows right up on these metallics. If you don't have a nice silver foil, this is a good one - the application was easy, it dried in a snap, and any brush strokes disappear when it's dry. I love that!

Fashion Police is a gorgeous, gorgeous cornflower blue jelly with strong silver shimmer. It's more sheer than the other polishes, but that's to be expected since it's a jelly. I used three coats here. This is as gorgeous as I thought it was going to be from the press release!

Limo Ride is probably my only nemesis in this whole collection. Colors like this are just not me, it might be pretty on summer toes as one of my lovely twitter followers suggested, or topped with a darker stamped polish? It's a copper frost/pearl (maybe someone can identify, I can never QUITE tell the difference) that shows up brushstrokes pretty easily. I used two coats here.

Okay, we've come to the surprise of the collection, for me. Oscar Party is a bright, celery green shimmer. I had to do several photos for you guys and I'm going to ask you to click to enlarge these - it's a duochrome! It shifts from that celery green to a strong orange gold - stunning! I cannot get over how cool this is. I used three coats here, it's a little bit thin. This is going to be hot in the summer especially on your toes.

Whew, that was cool, huh? This next one is Paparazzi, an emerald green shimmer. I don't think I have a polish quite this shade and it is VERY pretty. Two coats here.

Tabloid Rumors is a very nice dark charcoal gray shimmer. Two coats here.

And last, but definitely not least: VIP Lounge. This bright red stole my heart - I don't even like bright reds and I fell head over heels for it! This has more of a berry/blue undertone so that's probably why I like it so much. Two coats here.

So, that's a pretty well rounded collection, huh? My favorites are VIP Lounge, Fashion Police, and Oscar Party, but I think it's a very good collection. What are your favorites?

Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in this post were provided by the PR company in return for an honest review.


  1. I love paparazzi, fashion police, and VIP lounge....but that green one is up there, too! Lovely colors! Thx

  2. The pAparazzi one is really amazing!! But actually i like all of them:). Love, amy <3


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