Sunday, January 29, 2012

Joe Fresh Twilight

Oh man. I think I had this as a lemming - forever! I originally saw it on Liz's blog and immediately fell in love. Flakies in a black jelly base? Yes please! So, now that I have it, let's have a closer look.
Joe Fresh Twilight has rough, unevenly shaped flakies that shift strongly from green to coppery orange to gold. The base is a pretty opaque black jelly - I thought originally I might layer it over Joe Fresh Moss, but you couldn't even see Moss beneath it so I thought I would show you how it looks on its own - here I've got two layers. The shift is indeed strong but for some reason I've had a time trying to capture it on camera, and I just don't know why. You'll see mostly green in my photos and maybe just a smidge of the coppery orange/gold shift. I've tried to photograph this three times with no luck capturing the shift!
Enough moaning, here's my photos.

I really love the textured look of the uneven flakies in this. I think you can see the color shift in the bottle best, in my photos. So, are you lusting after Twilight now?


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