Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus

Nicole by OPI (NOPI) Iceberg Lotus is...stunning. Seriously. It's an electric turquoise shimmer duochrome. 
I have to go ahead and warn you, this is much more vivid and amazing in person. I tried so hard to capture the awesome, but you know, sometimes it just can't be done! I think I was able to capture a bit of the purple duochrome though - if you click to enlarge these photos you'll see it a bit better. This was a bit thin, because the shimmer is suspended in a jelly base, so I used three coats here. 
I know my application is less than stellar because the brush, which is different than my other NOPI bottles, is a short, stumpy paddle type brush. I could not get it to cooperate and it caused some balding and I had difficulty controlling the polish with it. It's a case of madly in love with the polish, hate the brush!

I'll deal with that brush because seriously, there just aren't enough words to describe my drool induced state. 


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