Friday, January 20, 2012

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer: Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle Collection

Good evening everyone! I have something fun to share with you guys tonight. Recently, Erin, of The Sugar Cube, launched her own Etsy shop where she is selling her line of nail lacquers, called Nostalgic Nail Lacquer. She sent me a couple of sets to show you guys!
The first trio I want to show you is the Bizarre Teenage Love Triangle collection, inspired by the eighties movie Pretty In Pink. *swoon* These are really cute pastel jellies - be still my heart! - with various sized glitters floating in them. They remind me of Sweet Tarts. I have not layered any of these, but these would be FANTASTIC layered.
I'll start with Duckie. Oh sweet Gods, a mint green jelly? Yes please! Duckie has three different shades of glitter. This is a darker mint, though - and quite a bit blue. So, an aqua mint? It's perfect. Because it's a jelly, it's a bit sheer, but I prefer it that way. I liked it with three layers but I could honestly have left it at two and been fine with it, I like it a bit sheer and squishy.

Click to enlarge these, please! The next one I'm showing you is Andie, which is a baby doll pink jelly with four shades of glitter. I used three coats here also. This shade of pink is pretty flattering on my skin tone, it's not too grey like some other baby pinks I've tried!

The last shade of this trio is Blane, and it's a squishy lilac jelly that maddeningly, reads strongly pink in photos. I assure you this REALLY IS purple.  No matter what light I took this in, it appeared more pink than purple! This was the most opaque of the three, but I still used three coats here.

Well, put directly below Andie, it definitely looks more purple. *whew* And I'm glad, because I dislike misrepresenting a color, but I'm sure you guys out there have read more than one nail blogger complaining about trying to get a purple to photograph correctly! They're stubborn little suckers.
This is the cutest collection, isn't it? I'm absolutely in love with it, they're JELLIES! They're PASTEL JELLIES WITH GLITTER! Squishy. I could squee all day over these. What do you guys think?

Disclaimer: Product(s) featured in this post were provided in return for an honest review.

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  1. It's the cutest polish collection evar! That's one of my favorite movies and these polishes capture it so well and are just so pretty!


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