Saturday, January 7, 2012

OPI Movin' Out

...or, oh em GEE this is freaking fantastic! I can't even tell you how many different colors float through this amazing multichromatic polish.
So, OPI Movin' Out is a discontinued, somewhat hard to find polish from the 2003 Holiday On Broadway collection, with other amazing polishes like La Boheme and Man Of La Mancha. I have a couple others from this collection, Rent and Mamma Mia and I'd really like to nab all of these. I've tried Rent out, and I think all three of the polishes I have require layering. So for this, I just layered Movin' Out over a straight up black - Essie Licorice. And, wow. There's emerald green, acid green, purple, gold, pink. And probably more, but you get the idea!
Let's just stop the raving and go right on to photos, because I have a lot. The first photo is indoors - I think it shows the shift to emerald green the best out of all the photos I have. I rarely EVER take a photo indoors, but when I saw that shift I had to try to nab it, and I couldn't get it outside at all. The rest of the photos are just in natural low light.

That is SO freaking cool! You can click to enlarge these, and you might want to. So, do you have this beauty or have I inspired you to go and hunt for it?


  1. I love that color....gonna be on the look out for it

  2. I wonder if I got a dud, because my bottle barely flashes green at all and I've tried it over a few different things. Maybe I need more layers of Movin Out?

  3. late to the party again! went to Ebay to purchase a bottle quick... never can have too many multi chromes! lovely polish


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