Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top Picks For 2011, Part Two

On to part two! It's been a heck of a time narrowing these down - there were some great polishes released this year.

From Finger Paints fall, Cordur-Orange. YUM. This is an awesome polish.

Zoya Yara. Seriously, one of the best years for greens, especially in the fall. Yara is divine, and I really loved the Smoke & Mirrors collection.

You didn't think I would skip China Glaze, did you? This is Midtown Magic from the fall collection. Shown off in bright sunlight, to see how freaking amazing it is.

Color Club Ulterior Motive. Holy bats, is this hot or what? This was a great collection.

China Glaze Trendsetter. The ultimate uglyawesome polish. Seriously this is one of the most perfect greens ever, and then it's got the China Glaze glass fleck too? *swoon*

Moving right along! Part three goes up tomorrow.


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