Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zoya Fleck Effects

In conjunction with the True collection for spring, Zoya released a mini collection of three polish toppers: flakies ahoy! I love flakies. They're probably my favorite finish, after jellies. They can really spice up a creme polish.
With that in mind, I picked out three Zoya cremes that I thought might be good "backdrops" for the Fleck Effect collection.
So first up, we have Chloe, which is a lightly tinted pink jelly base shot through with flakies. The predominant color is the gold to orange flakie, but there are also sparse bits of blue to green flakies - changes it up a bit and makes things interesting! These flakies are not uniform in size and shape at all. One thing I did notice is that these are really well distributed. I only needed one coat for a good amount of flakies. I used Chloe over the top of Zoya Petra, from the fall 2011 collection. I've included a photo of how this looks matte as well, since I love mattified flakies!

I've decided to pair the next two together. Both Maisie and Opal are flakies that shift strongly from green to blue. The difference between the two is the tinted base - Maisie is in a translucent aqua jelly base, and Opal is in a translucent lime green jelly base. I used Maisie over Zoya Cynthia, which is from the fall 2011 collection, and I put Opal over Bevin for a completely different, very soft result. I've included photos of both mattified, as well!

I think with all three of these, you'd have to use a white or very light colored polish to notice the color of the tinting, because they're very translucent. I loved all three pairings that I chose, though - I think these are all really pretty combinations. All of these have quite a strong shift that was easy to capture on camera, as you can see.

Disclaimer: Products in this post provided in return for an honest review.


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