Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Zoya True Collection

Tonight I have Zoya's spring 2012 collection, True, to show you guys! I think I like this as much as I liked Smoke and Mirrors from fall. Tomorrow I have the coordinating mini collection, Fleck Effect.
A quick word about the formula, because these are all uniformly great - I needed only two coats for each polish. That's a good consistency with six different polishes! Also, for the record, I don't use top coat unless otherwise stated in my swatches, so these are all glossy on their own.
Okay, let's get this going with Bevin. Do I have to tell you how much I love this? I knew I was going to love it from the first swatch I saw of it and my opinion hasn't changed. It's perfection. It's in the mint family, but darker, dustier and a tad more blue than many mints. Gorgeous. Perfect for spring, I think!

Cho is the first of two neutral shades in this collection. Cho is the warmer of the two, it's a tad more yellow and warm and it has a fine shimmer that's barely noticeable on the nail. You can see it if you click to enlarge my photos but it mostly serves to add depth to this polish. It's very pretty. I think this doesn't suit my skintone as much as the other neutral, though.

Farah is the other neutral, and it's darker, cooler and a tad more brown/grey than Cho. It doesn't have a subtle shimmer, either. This one is much more suited to my skintone, I think.

The last three of the spring collection are straight out shimmers, so I have two shots of each. This first shimmer is Lotus, and it's one of two purples in the True collection. This one is cooler, lighter, more blue toned and dusty than Tru. The shimmer is a metallic, electric purple. Gorgeous! Might want to click to enlarge these to see the shimmer better.

Next up is Skylar. When I first saw this, I thought the shimmer in it was straight silver, but it's not - it's silver, gold, pink, and turquoise. I tried to capture all the colors but nope, no such luck. The base color of Skylar is a gorgeous dusty slate blue.

The last color I have to show you is Tru, which is deeper and brighter than Lotus. It's also more red toned. The shimmer in Tru is metallic red and gold.

I am so in love with these! I don't guess I need to say that. The shimmers are awesome, Bevin is totally a me color. Farah is the perfect "nude" shade for me. I like Cho as well, but I think it'd be better suited on someone with a different skintone than me. What do you guys think of this collection?
As I mentioned, tomorrow I have a bunch of swatches of the Fleck Effect Collection!

Disclaimer: Product(s) in this post were provided in return for an honest review.


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