Common Polish Blogging Terms

Okay, so I'm sure this has been done before, but I thought it'd be helpful to my readers to write up a little "dictionary" of commonly used terms that you'll see on polish blogs - particularly mine. Feel free to submit any terms you'd like to see added!

LEMMING - The intense desire to own a particular polish. No matter the terms, you feel you HAVE to have that polish. (On a side note, I won't spend hundreds of dollars to acquire one of my lemmings!) Sometimes you'll see the expression "killing a lemming" or "squashing a lemming". This refers to either finding a dupe, or getting your hands on the precioussss.

DUPE - When two (or more) polishes are identical in shade and finish.

HTF - Hard to find. This is usually applied to a polish that has been discontinued by a company. Goes along with VHTF (very hard to find) and ITF (impossible to find).

VNL - Visible nail line. You'll see this term a lot. This is when a polish is sheer in terms of opacity - for instance, one of my favorite finishes, jellies, tend to be sheer. You can often see the "white" part of your nail when a polish has VNL.

FLOODING - Or, flooding the cuticles.  A polish can have a formula that for whatever reason, is uncontrollable when you're placing it on your nail, and drips down to flood the cuticles. Cleanup can be a real pain, especially with a darker color or a bright color.

SWATCHES - Well, this one is obvious. This is the reason for the blog - photos of nail polishes on the actual nail!

D/C - Discontinued. This is when a polish has been discontinued from a company's line. Usually the most awesome colors are d/c'ed.

L/E - Limited Edition. A one time only, special collection.

RAOK - Random act of kindness. When someone sends you a special package, just because they want to.

BACKUP - You love a polish so much, you buy a second bottle of the same shade.

That's it for now. I'll be adding to this as I go along!
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